1. Vinegar

    I have seen in a few peoples logs that they use vinegar with their meals, mainly carb based meals.

    Is it used for partioning reasons? and is it any particular type of vinegar?


  2. Hmmm... Never heard of it. I know its calorie-free and full of taste...

  3. I've heard of people taking a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in particular following a meal containing a fair amount of carbohydrates. The explanation I was given is that it slows down the digestion of the carbs and therefore exerts a less significant effect on insulin release. I haven't seen any studies on this however. Take it for what it's worth.

  4. I also heard it helps with vascularity, not sure though. But yeah, I use it for taste in my salad. That's all...

  5. The common lore (for what it's worth) seems to be:

    1. Apple cider vinegar (acetic acid) supports the optimal digestion of protiens/minerals by assisting in creating healthy stomach acidity,this purportedly helps in weight loss through increased metabolism.

    2. Aids in digestion by removing intestinal lipid deposits.

    3. Aids in liver detoxification.

    There is a thread over here that has references to some studies:

    vinager - Mind and Muscle Forums

  6. Thanks alot T-bone, will have a read of it later

  7. I've read one of those little super market check out books about vinegar & garlic - the only benefits in that book that are backed by studies is vinegar was shown to lower GI content of food ingested - not by much though. I tried the 1 cup a day of apple cider vinegar straight up for fat loss (in my younger nieve days) - 3 weeks, no love - upset stomach was about it.

    Off topic but Garlic helps improve blood circulation, per the book

  8. i was told by a friend of mine that it increases stomach acids and helps to digest food faster so therefore it increases appetite. he said he noticed a substancial difference using it.

  9. vinager - Mind and Muscle Forums

    Look what I found for your viewing pleasure.

  10. I tried the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar thing once and the taste made me cry a little.

  11. I had to get vinegar tabs. Couldn't drink the liquid.

    Lemon juice wasn't so bad.

  12. Tried apple cider vinegar in tablet, didnt feel nothing from it, even at 20 caps a shot.


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