Protein Customizers Egg protein

  1. Protein Customizers Egg protein

    Hey bros. This product intrigues me but I've never tasted this or any other Egg protein powder. Can anyone please give me input on the taste of Proteun Customizer's Egg protein. Thanks

  2. straight egg white is definitely not the best tasting item

  3. A good trueful answer from the man himself. I have had 15% egg and 0% egg in two different batches of a homemade night time formula and I could taste the difference, although slightly only. Id imagine even flavored at 100% it would still be noticably potent. I like the milk isolate a lot, and just eat egg whites all throughout the day.

  4. Thanks for the input bros, I appreciate it. I'll stick to Milk and Whey.

  5. Right now I'm running 50/30/20 MPI/CFM/Egg and it's not bad tasting at all.

  6. well taste is definitely subjective but I certainly can't handle 100% egg even when I bumped the flavor system up to 8-10%

  7. BTW Customizer, thanks for a great service! Just placed another order.

  8. has anyone tried mixing some unflavored protein from customizer with another flavored protein powder like optimum?

  9. Originally posted by bow
    BTW Customizer, thanks for a great service! Just placed another order.
    Yes, I must say that I am impressed as well.

  10. yea i was thinking about getting some unflavored egg protein to add to my other shakes to improve the amino acid content.

  11. I thought that Customizers egg protein was whole egg and not just egg white protein?? It looked a little yellowish (contains albumin?).
    It doesn't taste bad at all, but then again I can take straight hydrolysed whey w/o any problems.

  12. powdered and agglomerated egg whites are a yellowish powder, Ive never bought crappy powders so can't say if some of them are white, instantized costs me a lot more

  13. i have bought beverly 100% egg before and it was yellowish too. it is make of egg whites.


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