Aspirin May Prevent Prostate Cancer ; Goodhealth

Daily Mail


MEN who take aspirin frequently might be less likely to get prostate cancer Research on 4,000 men shows that those who used aspirin the most were 20 per cent less likely to develop the cancer.

Researchers tracked men aged over 65 who had had at least one prescription for all types of anti-inflammatory drugs and then looked at those who went on to be given a diagnosis of prostate cancer and those who did not.

When they compared the two groups, the researchers from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, found that those who had taken aspirin for the longest time during the previous two years were the least likely to develop the cancer.

A second new study on a group of 500 men at the same university has found an even greater number effected.

Researchers at McGill say: 'After an adjustment for age and family history of prostate cancer, use of aspirin was associated with a 42 per cent reduction in the odds of prostate cancer detection. These findings support other experimental evidence that suggests that aspirin may be useful in prostate cancer prevention.' Just how aspirin may protect against cancer is not clear, but one theory is that its anti-inflammatory action may have some effect on the development of cancer cells.

(Always consult your doctor before taking any medication long- term.)