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    As you already know my position for VPX products which I think they are overprice and you get the same results with cheaper ones.  However, despite that opinion, wanted to try their MRP Micellean, so I found a place that sell  the packages individually.  So, I took my shaker got one, to my surprise the thing taste  good, really good. Trust me, I have try almost every MRP in the market at least one sample (yes I get samples before I buy)  don't wanted to waste my hard earned money in something I don't like( it had happen in the past). The amazing thing is got the MRP box for $32.50 compare to every website in the net,  was only one catch, I have to pay the shipping charge even if I pick up my self, well after all the research and price comparison, crunch the numbers the price was still low as hell even with the shipping flat fee $5.95, I bought the darn thing could not resist the price and the taste, but added  a lot of supplements to that  added 6oxo for $29.95 you can't beat that. So I got a good deal. Now, I am pretty sure this merchant gets rock bottom prices for VPX  products and others, since VPX located here in Florida (about 45 minutes from my house) plus they defend them like they are God.  Oh well don't mind as long I get rock bottom prices myself.  Still bitter from the others products anyway, since I got into the transdermal thing, I can not look back now at least for the moment. To be fair you cannot compared cows with chicken, what the hell is all about money who cares . I like to save money period $$$$$. I hope this report helps anyone.

    Disclaimer:  I am not endorsing VPX, still don't like the taste and the prices of their other products, but I have to give them credit for the MRP. 

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