ever use/see this site before??

  1. ever use/see this site before??


    they have real cheap acetyl-l-carnitine and was wondering if anyone ordered from them before?

  2. 28$ for 180 500mg HMB caps... I've never seen the site before Wojo, somebody must have though... bizump to the tizop

  3. The site sells ALC for $24.95 (500mg/120 caps). I buy the same product at Beyond-A-Century for $19.90. It is even the same brand: Nature's Purest. Never heard of the brand but the label states that it is HPLC tested.

    I don't buy HMB so I don't know if the price is good or not.

  4. Personally I like BAC's ALC powder....doubt you'll find any cheaper than that. Comes with a measurable scooper...100grams for like 12 bucks

  5. ok thanx guys really didnt wanna play with powder now has 100 caps at 500mgs

  6. i order a lot of things from them and they are excellent. confirm stock availability by email first though. and check alc price again. they are having a sale on it and ala

  7. what do you use that for? raising T levels? fat burning? muscle preservation?

    how much you use anyway

  8. 3-5 grams a day..actually it worx for all the above ..goto www.animalkits.be there are a crap load of threads on alc,cla and r-ala its called the anarchy stack thats where i got all my info

  9. i thought it did, just didnt remember off the top of my head..well i guess i did


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