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  1. Official Natural Anabolic Consensus Page

    Hello all,

    I have been searching around the threads for feedback on some of the natural anabolics. I know there are a million logs out there and I'm just looking to combine everything into one place. It might even be cool if those with people who have logs could post their before/after stats.

    Jungle Warfare

    So if you could, post the natural anabolics you have used (Even if it isn't on the list) and what you truly got from it.

  2. Ecdysten: Log currently running here
    X-Factor: DOMS, and good gains LBM, even though I had plenty of canola oil without knowing it.. I am also doing a log right now in review section at 5 caps a day with ecdysten.

  3. Powerfull/Symmetry: During post cycle therapy after 15+ weeks cycle. Maintained strength, LBM and actually leaned out a tad. Have a log here at AM:

    Fenotest/Symmetry: Used during a 4 week cut. Maintained strength & LBM while losing fat and kept my libido elevated. Logged this as well:
    Recent log:

  4. Heres mine

    Used tons of different Tribulus products and nothing happened.

    While using PowerFULL

    Most pronounced effects have been

    Increased vascularity
    CRAZY libido

    Been on it for only 2 weeks, can't really gauge strength gains just yet.

  5. PowerFULL/Cissus RX/cAMPH/C2
    I gained 6lbs overall weight while losing bodyfat, my libido was a little higher, all day pumps and increased strength and stamina over a 26 day period. Good stuff.

  6. mega dosed bcaa. very high endurance gain

  7. I stacked atd, fenotest, activate, and zma a few months backa nd saw awesoem gians in strength and size.


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