Stimulant X adverse reaction

  1. Stimulant X adverse reaction

    I recieved a free sample of Stim X about 2 weeks ago and decided to give it a try before a workout. In the past I have used and absolutely abused stimulant products in a newb effort to lose weight. It worked back in the day, but looking back on it I probably blew out my adrenal gland for a few years and maybe permenantly with ephedra and caffeine. Been a lot smarter about stims the past few years, but my god this Stim X takes the cake. When I took some before my workout about a week ago, I had to stop because my vision started blurring, I could barely walk, then my hands and feet started to go numb. Never really had high BP before but I know the signs so I stopped, got some aspirin and took it easy for a few hours. Felt sick the rest of the day and could barely move. Move foward to today when studying for a final I decided that it was probably working out too hard in synergy w/Stim X and that it could probably provide some focus. Now I'm having nearly the same problem. Not "Oh my god am I dying" like before but definitely adverse. No way in hell could a thiamine analogue do this to me. Never felt like this off any stim before what is causing this?

  2. Sorry for how long it is but I'm still on the Stimulant X right now and my hands are moving about a mile a minute

  3. I just took a StimX because it gives me great appetite suppression. None of the effects that you mention, thank god.

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