Natural supps help

  1. Natural supps help

    Hey guys i was wandering if there's any natural supplements, that actually work. I'm done for a good while with steroids, i'm just going to concentrate on putting on as much muscle as I can naturally. I've tried tribulus before and it didn't do anything for me. I know a guy at the gym that praises 17 HD by Vyotech. What do you guys think? Anything worth the money out there?

  2. X-Factor is really good, and you have no PCT to do. Ecdysterone like anagen, or ecdysten is also a really well rated supp. Read and do some research. You will find plenty in this forun

  3. powerfull is good stuff

  4. did you guys try out any of these products? If so how much did you gain?

  5. i just started taking powerfull yesterday and can tell that i like it great pumps recovery and endurance is what I've noticed so far. do a quick search there are tons of logs and feedback.

  6. Check my log in the supplement reviews section. I am doing high dose x-factor + ecdysten. I am at day 10.

  7. awsome log bro.. i think i'll wait till your cycle is over to see what kind of gains you get from it... I've been thinking about jungle Warfare too.. Awsome log by ryanism

  8. I don't know what it is about 17-hd, but damn, 45 min after you take it.... you definately know you took something. Lots of energy in the gym... but for natty supps definately cant go wrong with creatine, glutamine, bcaas and efas (fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil).

  9. Activate.

  10. Jungle Warfare

  11. hmm.. I think i might end up running a bulking cycle of Hyperdrol + Jungle Warfare + X-Factor, what do you guys think?


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