Omega Cre-ethyl questions...

  1. Omega Cre-ethyl questions...

    I ordered this product from a board sponsor and already posted this under that forum, but will post it up here to see if anyone else can help me.

    I just want to make certain the product is ok. Everything was sealed up fine. There is a horrid smell of chemical/alcohol in the this normal?? Should the pills be yellowish/chunks of dark brown stuff in them? The smell is really odd as i've never smelled anything like this come out of a supplement container before. Alot of the pills are kinds stuck together as well, as if they were baked in the sun. Just curious if all is ok.. Thanks

  2. yeah thats regular, just finished my first bottle and it was just how you describe. however i just recieved my 2nd bottle and the pills are white and the smell is not as strong. my friend experienced the same thing, his first bottle was white and now his is yellowish brown. both are working equally well. side note: best creatine available right now hands down!!!

  3. Hey guys,

    Not sure if it was on AM or another forum, but I read a post by Omega's owner, Matt I think his name is, explaining this discoloration. He said it in no way effects the efficacy of the product.
    Apparently they are clearancing the discolored stuff @ certain retailers..........izza:

    Future price is supposed to rise due to higher quality control methods to ensure this kinda thing never happens again.

  4. yeah, the discoloration is due to the lubricant they used in the manufacturing process, but does not affect the product whatsoever

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