Thoughts on a Megadrol/ Mega-trn/ Prostanazol Stack

  1. Thoughts on a Megadrol/ Mega-trn/ Prostanazol Stack

    Anyone stack these 3 compounds and achieve optimum results? How would you alter this stack to better achieve your goal. im thinking of a lean bulk.

  2. I was actually going to do this stack in Oct this year. But after thinking and reading a bit I have altered it. I too plan a lean mass bulk. I am using SD instead of megadrol though. It will consist of SD/TST/TRN.

    Week 1: SD/TST
    Week 2: SD/TST
    Week 3: SD/TST
    Week 4: TRN/TST
    Week 5: TRN/TST
    Week 6: TRN/TST

    I was also going to run Arimidex and cycle support though the whole thing. Dosages are to your preference. This would be my 3rd oral cycle so my dosages will be a lil higher.

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