Gyno reversal durring a PH cycle

  1. Gyno reversal durring a PH cycle

    i have some puberty gyno, puffyness/fatty tissue around the nipple area which really stick out specially when im carb full, hot, or holding water. They look normal after chest workouts or cold showers/temperatures. Im trying the letro at 2.5mg everyday to see if it gets rid of it as some have had success. could i start a ph cutting cycle with some trn/prostan while trying to reverse, or is this just not going to work.

  2. Many times this is just a fat band that extends to the lats and is not gyno. Gyno is not marked by fatty tissue around the nipples and puffyness of the nipples only means or serves as a precursor to gyno. If I'm correct, Letro is an AI and will not work as effectively as novla or Ralox to correct this problem. And, I would defientely not recommend the starting of any type of exegenous hormones while the correction or reduction of gyno is being conducted.

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