Should I go through a loading phase with no-xplode?

  1. Should I go through a loading phase with no-xplode?

    I am new to taking supplements and have just read about loading on creatine. I just got a tub of no-xplode and am wondering if I should do some sort of loading with it. Thanks for any help.

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    I believe the current thinking is that loading of creatine isn't beneficial. I'll see if I can find some citations.

    OK, most of the other cites are on competing bulletin I can't post links. Google yoru question, read and then draw your own conclusions.

    The only downsides to loading are the possible waste of money and intestional upset.
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  3. Well, welcome to... taking supplements?... Anyway:

    No load neccessary as it is a pre workout supplement, and it is designed to give you a pump, some energy, and a lil better recovery. The only creatine you have to load with is creatine monohydrate.

  4. Like the previous poster said, no need to load no-xplode. It actually might be better to start at a lower dosage to assess tolerance to it. There is minimal creatine and it's not mono. I believe it has CEE and di-crea malate. These don't need to be loaded. It would be good to add some CEE (bulk or otherwise) if you're looking to add Creatine in, since the small amount in No-xplode.

  5. No need to load it. I combine my no-explode with Cellmass and it actually works pretty good.




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