I am 19 years old, 5'7", 152lbs and 12%bf (according to my electro-impedence scale). In January of 2004 I came home from Marine Corps basic training with a knee injury. In May I had recovered fully and began bodybuilding. I was at 135lbs, which is about as big as I had ever been, and had about 15%bf.

After my first 8 weeks (split into 2 four week workout routines), using cellmass, no-xplode, nitrix, and drinking a weight gainer immediately after my workout, I was up to 155lbs, around 13%bf, and had notable strength increases, though im not sure that these increases were caused by the supplementation or the training.
Note: during these 8 weeks I drank heavily most nights, which i hear can inhibit gains.

I then got a new job and started college and did not have time to workout. 7 weeks ago I began working out again. This time I used SizeOn, Superpump250, and the weight gainer. Now I am at 152lbs, at 11%bf. I have not put on nearly the size I wanted, but I am definately more toned (I actually get comments all the time now about my body, where i hadnt gotten those comments before). My whole upper body is definately bigger.

My main focus is on strength and endurance (Im thinking about starting MMA or join the Army Rangers after college which is in about 18months). I would like to bulk up to about 170lbs though at around 6%bf. The fat cutting is easy for me, its the putting on lean muscle thats a challenge.

I guess my question is, what are good supplements for putting on size, but also good for gaining strength and endurance (my main focus)?

Ive been thinking about going back to Cellmass, is there something better?

Im very knowledgable on many products, Im just trying to weed through the hype. Thanks for youre help.