Bid Daddy Chemo

  1. Bid Daddy Chemo

    Hey Chemo,Ilive in South Africa and tried to order 3 bottles of your ph free mix.but it seems as though you dont deliver to SA.I have already recieved 40 g of 1test from kilo sports and was wondering if you could help me out.If bdc nut doesnt send to SA do you know of any companies I could order from.I dont want to buy the different stuff in bulk.I love how you have made a premix for the customer.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Not sure about SA... Talk to ya
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  3. have you tried email or pm. im sure he can figure something out..

    good luck

  4. I think that this was already answered but give me your shipping info and I'll send an exact quote.  It has averaged $30 USD to ship international but this includes 3 day service, tracking, and insurance.

    Send me you info by email or PM...


  5. Thanks for the concern,I have managed to buy dmso and ethanol so I will use that first but from next year I am sure I will be ordering from you instead of or kilo as it seems as though you care about customer service and have a very good sight.



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