pubmed study on post workout leucine!

  1. pubmed study on post workout leucine!

    I found this on another site...very interesting, opinions??

    Postworkout plasma insulin response is +19% for carbs alone, +77% for carbs and protein and a whopping +240% for carbs, protein and leucine.

  2. Good find. Are there any post-workout products which mimic this formula that you are aware of?

    EDIT: Check this out. It may explain the findings you cited:

    Amino acid prevents muscle breakdown

    A study published in the December 2005 issue of The Journal of Physiology reported the findings of researchers at the Human Nutrition Research Centre Clermont-Ferrand and Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique in France that adding the amino acid leucine to older individuals' diets could help prevent the muscle breakdown that occurs with aging. After age 40, humans lose 0.5 to 2 percent of their muscle tissue per year.

    In the current research, Lydie Combaret and colleagues studied muscle breakdown in young and old rats. Immediately after amino acids are consumed, muscle protein degradation slows and protein synthesis increases. This process is less effective in older animals, resulting in increased breakdown and slower synthesis. While it had been demonstrated that leucine could improve protein synthesis, the amino acid's effect on breakdown had not been previously determined.

    They found that the slow in degradation following a meal did not occur in the older rats, but adding leucine to the diet restored breakdown in older animals to that of younger rats. The authors believe that the problem results from a defect in the machinery that breaks down contractile muscle protein. Senior co-author Didier Attaix commented, "Preventing muscle wasting is a major socio-economic and public health issue, that we may be able to combat with a leucine-rich diet."

    In an accompanying "Perspectives" article in the same issue of the journal, Michael J Rennie summarized, "When old rats are fed a diet which is supplemented with leucine, there is what amounts to a rejuvenation of the normal postprandial inhibition of muscle protein breakdown . . . This is exciting because it strengthens the idea of a co-ordinated linkage between the meal-related stimulation of protein synthesis and the inhibition of breakdown."

  3. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    Good find. Are there any post-workout products which mimic this formula that you are aware of?
    It would be easy to make your self with bulk products very cheaply, but no I am not aware of a premade version.
    25g dextrose
    25g maltodextrin
    33g wpi
    16g leucine

  4. Most protein isolates have a lot of leucine in them, I think Crowler's stuff has 9 grams or something per dose if I am not wrong. An easy pwo solution? Mix any whey protein with malto and add powdered leucine, or just drink xtend+malto during workout and a little after followed by a pwo concoction. By that point you should have a large amount of leucine in your blood stream from the xtend and protein and will have the carbs getting absorbed as well within roughly the same timeframe, depending on how soon after you dose your pwo solution.

    Sundevil, do you go to ASU currently? I ask because I am currently a student there.

  5. Also Surge by Biotest is supposed to be a premade solution, and was marketed based on similar research.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Sundevil, do you go to ASU currently? I ask because I am currently a student there.
    no man I graduated in Dec.'04 but ASU was the best 5 years of my life. I'm in Glendale now, I still make it out there every once in a while.

  7. do you have to use high GI carbs for this or would you get away with something like oats?
  8. tattoopierced1
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    xtend has a good amount of Leucine in it. For 6 scoops you get 10.5g of leucine.

  9. Quite an interesting study. I've long though that someone ought to market a line of "pre-workout," "during workout," and "post-workout" drinks that are tailored perfectly, such as the mixture above.

    I'm too lazy to do it all myself.... Maybe Crowler will take up the challenge!! Someone poke and prod him! I mean, if someone makes up bulk powders for each, and sells them.. I'd sure as hell buy them!

  10. Just a technical question - I believe all BCAAs use the same receptors and so compete against each other for absorbtion. So leucine in certain mixes (in particular plain protein powders) may not be as effective as used alone for certain targeted uses of a single amino acid. On the other hand I haven't heard any study suggesting that leucine supplementation over mixed BCAA powders are less effective than leucine by itself.

    Generally, I don't really see too much of a difference between during- and post-workout (i.e. the 45 min. window after the workout) in particular if I exercise more than one body part per workout session and the workout session lasts longer than 30min. I believe that when I'm done say with my chest and start working my back, my pecs will already in some ways go into 'post-workout mode', so providing nutrients at that time would be crucial.

    Anyway - wonder what others think.

  11. What you said about the pwo window after working a bodypart is exactly why i drink a during workout drink, and recovery has improved because of it.


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