T1 Pro w/ DMSO any feedback?

  1. T1 Pro w/ DMSO any feedback?

    I was curious if anyone has ran a cycle of the t1 pro with dmso and noticed any difference with the dmso vs non dmso version.

    Should the absorbtion rate be higher, and if so how much more?

    Also, how is the irritation? One+ gave me a rash after 2 weeks of application in the same area.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

  2. I have never tried it w/out DMSO but I can tell you that after 2+ weeks of applying it to upper abs and forearms there has been no irritation at all.  Great stuff BDC!

  3. The DMSO is a good thing to have in the mix. It will add about 10-15% absorption.... Most of the people in the cycle results use the dmso. ALL of the canadian ones do for sure... It does not come without... TAlk to ya
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