Ok, this is the first time that I've decided to make a real effort to cut up. I am 6'2", and weigh 242lbs. I'm a good size, and feel that I have a solid ammount of muscle underneath. I am 20%bf right now, which isn't terrible, but I want to get down to 10%. I'm giving myself 12 weeks to do so.

I've been reading a lot about supps that will help me with my goal, and have bought the following things.

Flax seed oil
yohimbing hcl
betalean (will take after done using yohimbine)
Myoplex Meal Replacements (2 per day?)
liquid aminos

Of course, I also have a few protein shakes per day, but didn't include them above, cause doesn't have anything to do with weight loss stack. Anyways, what do you all think about dosages, and when to take each. Any help would be great....