For those who think they won't grow anymore

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  1. Exclamation For those who think they won't grow anymore

    For those of you who think you wont grow anymore simply because of Prohormones or steroids, i got a little secret for you, it's called Prolex, if your bones are fused this makes them grow anyway.
    You feel better posture, more bone density, height growth.
    And the best part is, if you dont feel satisfied within 3 months you get your moneyback, guaranteed.
    This is not a spam of any sort, i just thought lots of people who are worried about their growth or thought they hit that growth plateau would benefit from this. My friends have tried this and it has worked, if it wasnt for the price i would of bought it a long time ago. Anyway,
    Here is some information i picked up:


    Prolex is available in Canada only and we provide secure shipping worldwide.

    We provide online safe and up to date bone growth treatments with 3 months money back guarantee.

    Prolex is a safe herbal treatment in lotion form to boost your cartilage and bone growth process while sleeping. You can use any other treatment while taking prolex, there is no side effect, it is pure herbal and you donít have to take dangerous pills or anything while taking the treatment.

    We donít sell dangerous pills or drugs!

    Prolex is guaranteed to work or 100% money back guarantee.

    You will get a free short-term diet and exercise program with your prolex treatment order as a free bonus.


    Within the first 3 month, you will notice good changes, such as posture improvement, height improvement and bone density. Advanced growth with in 6 months and your maximum growth within 12 months.

    You may keep growing even after the 12th....

    For best results and to reach your maximum growth we suggest you a 6-12 months treatment.

    We provide 100% money back guarantee if no satisfaction within 3 months.

    Ingredients: Ash tree (fraxinius exelsior) leaf, vervain herb, harpagophytum procumbens root,

    cat's claw, uncaria tomentosa root, blackcurrant leaf, meadow spiraea ulmaria flower, eucalytus, pine, rosemary, lavandin, cedar, themes, magnesium strearate, stearic acid, colloidal silica. Aloe vera, mineral oil, E,K, monounsaturated fatty acid.


    The older you are the harder it will be in-order to grow, you will not grow overnight, but in long term you will grow by using the Prolex treatment. So it is not impossible to grow since every day new bones grow and old bones brake down and we donít feel it because it is a natural process. Prolex will boost the rebuilding process of your bones and cartilage so you can grow taller at any age.


    Prolex is a specially designed safe treatment to regenerate your fused bones at any age!

    Prolex will increase your bone size by neutralizing and rebuilding your fused and un-fused bones, so your bones can grow to the maximum potential possible.

    Prolex comes with a complete easy to follow user guide to help you step by step on how to start taking care of your height and bones.

    Prolex herbal treatment is 100% safe and effective natural formula with money back guarantee if no sign of growth within the first 3 months of usage.




    BASIC Basic (1-2 Inches)

    3- Months - $ 95 US Dollars = $148 Canadian


    Advanced (2-3 Inches)

    6- Months - $ 160 US Dollars = $250 Canadian



    Maximum Growth (3-5 Inches)

    12- Months - $ 290 US Dollars = $453 Canadian







    1242 Ave Beaumont

    Montreal H3P 3E0

    PoBox 65528 CANADA






    Thank you in your interest in our safe bone growth treatements...

    Please feel to contact us if you have any concern.

  2. Good grief, you have to be kidding me. First this IS spam. Second the pill does nothing I'm sure, it's all achieved through the stretching program which relieves pressure between the disc in your spine and joints which over time can give anywhere from 1-3 inches in height but if you don't continue doing the STRETCHING program the gains will go away. There's a million of these programs for FREE, why the **** would you pay $500 for a useless pill and a streching program... this crap should be deleted.

  3. I'm going to leave this up a little longer just because of how absurd and funny it is to read

  4. heh, it doesnt come with a stretching program, and its funny how 2 of my friends tried this for 6 months and are way taller now. Hey but if u want just delete it now because i try to help people out and i get this. Why cant you just say your opinion nicely?

  5. If you have any questions go to the forums and if u want state your opinion there and argue with all the people that it worked for.

  6. ok fine, have it your way:

    I'll rename this again and move it to supps. Since you brought this up, why don't you tell us what the active ingredient is and how it is supposed to work?

  7. I posted this for anyone interested to keep on researching this product, i myself have only 2 friends for proof that this worked, all they did was take this lotion ( not pill ) and IF YOU WANT, exercise, i recommend everyone to go to the forums for more information.
    I'm not an expert in this, all the information is up there. I just wanted to maybe help people who are interested so they can find more info on this. Hopefully this will be helpful, sorry if it sounds too fake but i have nothing to win and nothing to lose to just post this and MAYBE help some people
  8. Cool LISTEN UP!

    Since jweave23 has decided to leave this up, it is his call.

    All who read this, do so for a laugh, nothing more. It is funny as hell, except that it is possible some of you teenagers may actually believe this is possible. At that point it becomes irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

    Technics, this is a warning. One more post like this and you will be gone.

    John Benz

  9. Originally posted by Technics
    heh, it doesnt come with a stretching program,
    Then what is this?

    You will get a free short-term diet and exercise program with your prolex treatment order as a free bonus
    I'll bet those "exercises" invlove alot of deep stretching and hanging, no?

  10. Come on with this crap. If this was a true, no strings product that actually worked then it would be all over the news and short people would be dancing in the streets. But guess what, it ain't on the news and there isn't a damn person dancin in the streets, except the drunk ones of course.
  11. Re: LISTEN UP!

    Originally posted by John Benz
    All who read this, do so for a laugh, nothing more.
    ... well, I read it for a fart and a puke... those are okay too eh?

    "*FAAART*.....*PUUUKE*.... boy, what a good read!"

  12. Originally posted by Technics
    Hey but if u want just delete it now because i try to help people out and i get this.
    NO, don't delete this one!!! good call to weave for leaving it up... was having a long and stressful day, boy this sure helped...

    Originally posted by Technics
    Why cant you just say your opinion nicely?
    ... well, um... can't speak for these other folks, but I tried once already, with disastrous (people were in the room bud ) results. I'll try again now that I'm alone...ahem...

    *PUUKE*... damn... well, that's as good at it gets I suppose, sorry

  13. Oh, I'm sorry for having little knowledge in this field. I thought forums were supposed to be helpful? Maybe just clear things up for me if i'm wrong?

  14. Technics, this is a warning. One more post like this and you will be gone.
    Understood. Excuse me for trying to be helpful with the little knowledge i have of this. I thought posting it here would have a more positive response.

  15. As far as I know this is biologically impossible....The only way to make bones grow longer is through painful surgeries....


  16. It is impossible to make bones grow. LMAO!! What a joke. Hahahahahahahaa! Bahawwhwaahahaahahahaahahaah!


  18. Originally posted by Technics
    Technics, just let me know, if you want to be banned that bad, I will do it right away for you! You have one chance to redeem yourself and pull your crap together or your done!

    Hahahaahahaahahaahahaahahahaah ahahaahahhaahahahaahahaahahaha haaa! (Don't respond in kind)

  19. Uh, why cant i laugh? lol

  20. Originally posted by Technics
    Uh, why cant i laugh? lol
    Because your being a smart ass. You come on our board, you spout some bull**** supp, and then have the audacity to try to defend your spammer actions to us. Then, you pull up with a haahahahah response to my laughing at your silly post. We dont know you and you have now credibility.....yet and your opprotunity is slipping fast. You have been warned by several mods and now an admin. Stop the with the antics and contribute.

  21. honestly, i wasnt spamming, thats like me saying, hey try BDC's 1-test cuz it worked for me. i just wanted to tell people about this, my bad if it was a bad thing.

  22. So your trying to tell me that a lotion made your bones grow?

  23. you should really check it out, like go to the site and forums. it worked for me and 2 of my friends. thats all i gotta say bro, just wanted to let everyone know my experience.heh cya

  24. Originally posted by Technics
    you should really check it out, like go to the site and forums. it worked for me and 2 of my friends. thats all i gotta say bro, just wanted to let everyone know my experience.heh cya
    Let me guess you ALL were beteween the ages of 18 and 28 while using this??

  25. Did they happen to take before and after pictures? We'd LOVE to see em


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