Help w/ mom's knee pain

  1. Help w/ mom's knee pain

    My mother has horrible pain in her knees and she says that it hurts when she sits or squats down.

    I was wondering what an effective product would be for her? I am thinking cissus rx could help. Any other great products?

  2. Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is a tree native to the southern regions of Africa and gets its name from the hooks which cover it's fruit. It is a traditional folk remedy of Tribal African people and has also been used by Europeans and Canadians. Devil's Claw contains a number of natural occuring beneficial compounds including phytosterols, flavonoids and phenolic acids. Good for anti-inflammtion.

    if your mother's pain is not tendon related, you could give it a go

  3. Celadrin works for some people. They make it in pill form and in a topical cream.

  4. I highly recommend Cissus & Celadrin. Keep your eye on the board sponsors for the next couple of days. There's supposed to be a USPLabs/Omega joint stack special coming out. It will most likely be a great deal on USPLabs CissusRx & Omegas Flex support (which contains celadrin & some other joint support compounds). Generally these stacks are priced well below what buying the products individually would be. I believe CNW will have it available today.


  5. I have arthritis and bursitis in my shoulder and good old glucosamine & chondroitin has worked very well for me. I took Bextra for a while and the G & C works much better. It took a few weeks to start working, but I cant even tell there's anything wrong in my shoulder anymore.

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    cissus, celadrin and glucosomine work great together.

  7. Cissus & Celadrin work wonders!! Worked amazingly for me! Now if someone can just invent something to get rid of tendinitis.... can't grip anything hardly anymore...

  8. Oh.. and if one has any type of joint pain... STAY AWAY FROM MEGA-ZOL!! OUCH!!

  9. Celadrin worked wonders for my dad who's a truck and coach mechanic who's knees are shot from kneeling on concrete for 25+ years. After 30 days the arthritus in his hands was alot better as well he said he'd rate his condition at 7/10, now he's hooked.

  10. Buy a capper and some caps and buy bulk from custom nutrition. Cap those suckers up with some celadrin and cissus, and have a wonderful pain relieving formula that doesn't destroy your stomach or liver like those drugs that docs prescribe

  11. I had terrible knee pain from squats about 6 weeks or so ago and have been using cissus rx and sesamin everyday and the pain is completely gone. Im a big believer in this combo.

  12. Cissus/Celadrin/Flax or Sesamin would indeed be a great combo methinks...

  13. Hmm, looks like cissus rx and celadrin w/ a little bit of sesamin might be the trick. Thanks guys!!

  14. CNW now has the CissusRx/Omega Flex Support stack available. It's a good price for the two products that have helped me the most with joint pain. I personally can't speak for the effects of Sesamin (never tried it), but you can't go wrong with the two products in this stack.
    The Flex Support also contains MSM & chondroitin, along with celadrin, so I feel this stack is unbeatable.



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