Anyone here tried/heard of Vitargo-CGL?

  1. Anyone here tried/heard of Vitargo-CGL?

    Supposedly it's a creatine+dextrose substitute. It says it's like twice as effective because dextrose is absorbed by the body must faster than creatine, which makes the combo almost useless. So of course you should buy this instead.


    Link if interested:

  2. Never heard of it.

  3. i am using it right now, only a few days in-cant tell if its worth it yet........

  4. looks like muscletech's before and after pictures and their price is HELLA high. i dont see that much different in gains switching over to this new "glycogen loader" and just adding in the nessisary dextrox in my creatine, and not for their price. im interested in seeing some real people's results so post yours compared to taking normal creatine athelete, if ya dont mind. these ads seem quite overexagerated and i wouldnt put that much faith in my creatine/glycogen loader crap in making my gains for me or creatine period. lower the price about 75% then maybe i'd try it.

    overall: if you have the extra money (i would personally spend it in many other areas) but if your a baller and put that much faith in your creatine, give it a shot and review it for us.

    some Now Foods 2lb of dextrose (2$) and Syntrax's Straight - kilo of creatine anhydrous (19$) - works damn fine for the few months of use i get out of them.

  5. ive never used pure dextrose with creatine so i have no frame of reference. before vitargo (im about a week and a half in) i used grape juice with my creatine.
    so far i have leaned out a little and feel pretty hard. However the gains are not astronomical and until i try pure dextrose with creatine i cant recommend one over another.
    i will agree there are better ways to spend your money when it comes to sup's.
    anybody else used it, anyone use it longer than two weeks?

  6. grape juice is your substitute for dextrose powder and creatine ... you will get the same results practically. unless you go over board on the dextrose powder, u might get fatter but ... ya keep us posted on the supplement.

  7. almost through with the container-my assesment.....
    if your counting down to the last calorie and you dont want the sugar from grape juice then you might want to consider this product. if you dont mind an extra 40-50 calories of sugar post workout then i cant justify the expense when you can just buy micro-creatine and grape juice-
    personally i prefere the extra calories/carbs post workout. a recommended serving has 70carbs(if i recall correctly). for me thats not enough carbs. im gonna start adding 2cups of grape juice to the serving to bump the carbs over 100grams.
    like i said-for extreme cutting-maybe a good idea-for any other reason not worth it


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