coloidal silver

  1. coloidal silver

    Does anyone think this stuff would help fight mono? thanks

  2. UHH Yeah, I am quite sure Grunt Shizzle the Colidial Silver Pimp will comment heavily on the thread, but until then :

  3. i've read the threads before when they were still fresh but i never saw anyone comment about it working against mono. I remember one guy said it cured his friends std or somethin but nothin about mono. sorry to come off soundin like a newbie or somethin to you, i was just in a hurry

    So here's the story, a little over 2 weeks ago I started to notice bumps on my arms. they started to spread, and got really bad around my elbows and places where I sweat alot. The doc took blood and today they tell me it's mono and I can't workout! I just found it strange that I feel 100% healthy. I got some weird form that gives a rash instead of sickness. I don't even know how i got it either, I havn't done anything as far as I know, that could have spread it to me.

  4. Its just sarcasm, Grunt Has a whole article on it here:

  5. Silver is good for any type of infection, has some testimonials of it's usage



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