Doses for the follow BF loss stack

  1. Doses for the follow BF loss stack

    Will be stacking the following

    ALCAR (powder)
    Greentea (powder)
    Sesathin (liquid) or MAN Vaporise (caps)
    Fish oil (caps)

    Will also be running me own herbal ECA stack with a possible t3 6 weeker at the end.

    I am mainly concerned about the doses for the above guys, i am aware of the RDA's but i know these doses are not always optimum for results so if anyone could shed some light that would be grrreat.

    Also if anyone could think of a worthy addition or even something that doesnt belong in that stack all the better.

    Many thanks.

    EDIT: Should mention i am 6ft 2, 240lbs approx 20% bodyfat and have been training 3 years.

  2. Here's how much I use
    AlCAR 4-5g
    Green tea 2-3 g
    Sesathin-I don't use, but what's on the label is sounds good.
    Fish oil-15g
    TTA-I love that ****. Might give it a try if you want.

  3. wow 15g of fish oil ED?

    im currently taking 6 only.

    will check out TTA

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