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    From Muscle Tech, has anybody tried this ?

  2. I haven't heard of it and of course I can't afford it because it is Muscle Tech.

  3. they have mixed reviews about it on 1fast400's review section. http://www.1fast400.com/product_revi...oducts_id=1963

    price is a little high, basically looks like CEE w/ NO and of course, some BS marketing hype. it says some cutting edge technology to help CEE absorb but doesnt it already have like a 99% absorbtion rate from being esterized. also has ALA in it. you can buy a better grade - r-ALA and CEE w/ NO in it ... combine the two bottles to make your own muscletech CEE pro for cheaper.

    good products similar to cee-pro are thunder and green bulge. both have good results and a good price tag on them.

    when in doubt, there is always something muscletech sells that is better and/or cheaper out there. just copy/paste their main ingredients, do a little research, and viola. muscletech's products for 1/2 the cost from another company.
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    I was given a coupla' bottles so I was curious.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MTNMEDIC
    I was given a coupla' bottles so I was curious.

    Are you hoping for a placebo effect by asking people about it before you try it?

  6. IMO if it's a MT product, it's garabage. Like someone mentioned before, just take the main ingrediants, copy and paste them into a search at a board, and you will come up with a better cheaper prodcut.


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