Cheapest Taurine??

  1. Cheapest Taurine??

    Out of the endless number of Supp stores and online suppliers who has the cheapest Taurine?? I usually shop at Bulk Nutrition, second choice (and only if its on sale) is, but lately I've been looking at CNW products.

    Where do you guys shop?

  2. cnw is good also try nutraplanet's now food taurine its pretty cheap

  3. Bulk taurine at one of the board sponsor's sites is cheapest. They're all excellent and reliable, so just shop for price. CNW is a good one.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by jeezlouis
    cnw is good also try nutraplanet's now food taurine its pretty cheap
    Nutraplanet sells it's own in bulk for real cheap, too.

  5. Right on guys ... I appreciate the help. Here in town Taurine is expensive. I was expecting to spend 20 to 40 dollars. I was shocked when I found it for 5.00 for 100 1,000mg caps (Now brand - I love Now). I usually buy in bulk and cap myself, then vacume seal in food saver jars. I'm worn out though ... in the last 2wks I've capped over 4-5 thousand pills easy (I'm getting ready to jump on cycle). So these Now Brand Taurine caps where a pleasant find. Thanks for the help.

    Thank you,



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