Muscle Synergy

  1. Muscle Synergy

    Guys, bear with me here:

    Many people knock this company, because of their product line, etc. Yes, there's nothing spectacular there.... but it's based on hard science. Old School results, no experimental stuff.
    I have a recommendation:
    Beverly International Muscle Synergy (new formula) is my new, absolute favorite supplement.

    The pumps from this product are beyond anything else I have experienced.... I am talkin' skin splitting pain. But if you're a lifting junkie, you've probably grown to love that feeling just like me.
    Ok, so after reading what I typed, I sound like I work for them..... but trust me, I don't. Anyone else try this and like it?

  2. are you talking about the one with OKG and citruline? if so, where did you get it?

  3. While I ahve never tried this particular product, Beverly is definitely one of my favorite supplement companies. I have consistently been pleased with their products.

  4. I got my last bottle from Nutraplanet.

    I guess I should add, I use 10 tablets pre-workout.

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