t-heat and t1-pro......

  1. t-heat and t1-pro......

    What do you guys think about using t-heat at the same time as a topical ph's product... Oviously not putting them on the same places. I forsee no problems but just wanted a little input.... It will be in a cutting cycle.. t-heat on the "little" ponch and curt's special blend everywhere else...

    PS I will be front loading the 1-test and will let you all know how it goes.... 800mg/day for the first week then down to 400mg/day for 3 more weeks...

    Talk to ya...
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  2. hmmm, I don't see why you couldn't, but I just think Curt likes rubbing himself


  3. Keep us posted I was thinking a doing a similar cycle next month. Late

  4. Only thing might be the increased blood pressure from the ph/ps combined with the stimulating effects of the Y, could be an "exciting" combination! We'd find out fast if your T-Heat formulation delivers systematically or not!

  5. Some will be delivered systemically just becasue there is blood vesells in the fat in your body. But not as much as just eating it. Most should be deposited in the fat. Which it designed to do.. talk to ya...
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  6. A) Are there things you shouldn't use T-Hieat with. ie... usnic acid, eca, T2 or Fl7

    B) How long should it be used for.
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  7. 1. If you are sensitive to yohimbine or using other compounds that have a stimulant like effect, then just take note. The actual stimulant properties of yohimbine are quite low, but most people like to make the consumer aware of this fact. In all honesty, its never come up as a concern. Yohimbine will stack fine with other products. Stay away from using two transdermals and applying them in the same spot obviously.

    2. I believe a bottle should last around a month at a moderate dosage.

  8. Good to know thanks.

  9. I don't think Topical Y-hcl will be of much use if you are over say 8 or 9% bodyfat, so go by that IMO

  10. what about water retention? I remember that being somewhat of an issue when yohimburn came out. systemic build up causing the water retention...therefore people would go 4 on 2 off, or something like that.

  11. Yohimburn added caffeine as a diuretic to keep the water retention limited--does t-heat have any?

  12. There won't be any stimulants in t-heat other than yom-hcl.. BUT don't dismay we are most likely putting in a very good nn stimulant diuretic... hehehehe.. Just watch and see.. Talk to ya..

    PS If you homebrew it taking dandilion leaf with it will act as a natural diuretic.. Talk to ya...
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  13. dandelion ROOT is good if you eat it, not sure if you use it on your skin though...

  14. No No.. I meant eat it along with the transdermal yom.. hehehe. Sorry I was not clear.. Talk to ya..
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  15. oh..lol..got ya


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