Possible upcoming cutting stacks, Opinions needed and wanted

  1. Possible upcoming cutting stacks, Opinions needed and wanted

    Ok, so basically I plan on cutting for 8 weeks while I am on an internship in Washington DC. I can tolerate stims fairly well, and I also lose a lot of strength when I dip my carbs below 250grams a day. So to compensate I would like to have a stack that includes a stim and a test boosting product, so I can cut carbs as needed and not have to worry about severe strength losses, I would just like to preserve my existing strength. Here are my options so far:

    Test booster's:
    ActivaTe/ReboundXT or
    I am also on a budget, I can get the entire run of ActivaTe and Rebound for less than I can get the 3 bottles of PowerFULL necessary for the 8 week period.
    Anagen, alone or stacked. Anyone think I could get positive results running Anagen stand alone with a stim? I've noticed people posting on the great synergy it creates, etc. I'm not concerned with no energy during workouts, I'm mainly concerned with strength dips.

    Albuterol w/ Benadryl at nights
    Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 (stand alone or with Special Tactics)
    Special Tactics (alone or with Venom Hyperdrive 3.0)
    or just buying bulk and doing an E/C stack

    Right now I am leaning towards the Activate, ReboundXT and Camphibolic stack or even adding some Hyperdrive 3.0 to that combo. I have no trouble curbing my appetite, I am a natural ectomorph, eating 3700 cals a day is pure hell so this will be a relief, which also leads me to reason that I do not necessarily need a supplement with strong appetitie supression properties. The alb. seems very tempting, I've read many logs on the substance and it seems to give very good results.
    Now the reason why I'm asking for opinions is not because I haven't searched any of these products, I've searched all and keep finding good results from combinations of many of them, but am lost as where to start. This is my first real cutting cycle, I'm thinking the alb. may be a little too much to handle/ I am semi worried about possible sides.

  2. bump

  3. I would go with the activate/rebound. I have not tried powerfull or anagen.
    for the stim I would do e/c. maybe use lean support for the e.

  4. Do you mean lean support by Omega? Because to my understanding that is a synephrine product, but my ignorance on stims could be great than I think. Anyone else have any opinions?

  5. yeah thats what I mean. my understanding was synephrine and ephedrine are similar with synephrine having less sides.

  6. anyone else? order is going in today.

  7. I have taken products with syn in it b4 and it hasnt done jack for me.


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