HYPOTHESIS regarding "NO2/Extreme NOS PC" and such

  1. HYPOTHESIS regarding "NO2/Extreme NOS PC" and such

    As I mentioned on another post I've been doing a lot of post searching in the last few days on this board and others.

    The more I see the REAL WORLD feedback on this product the more I believe that some people are asking the wrong questions regarding it's potential pluses and minuses.

    Since a lot of evidence (again real world) has come forward stating that these type products improve vascularity and pump. Wouldn't they be more ideal prior to a prosteriod or prohormone training cycle?

    I mention this because I think people who buy these products simply as a "silver bullet" for muscle mass will be disappointed. However, by using it in conjuction with a solid nutritional, training resting program and then followed by a good 1 test / 4AD program might be benificial.

    This "hypothesis" (which might not hold a lick of credibility until tested) is based on the logic of improving the blood flow network into the muscle so tha when a serious mass cycle begins the body will be primed to put all of those extra nutrients where they are needed.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. What kind of hypothesis is that buddy? How about...

    If a vasodilating agent is taken prior to a cycle of AAS or PHs, then the net lean tissue gain will be greater....


    As for my thoughts, I agree with you that for people buying these supplements for increased mass they're misguided. I think that your hypothesis may be true as well, as the increased pressure on muscular fascia coming from the large pumps that these products give you might cause somewhat of a "forced" muscle memory effect.

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