SAN Blaze xtreem looks promising!

  1. SAN Blaze xtreem looks promising!

    Anyoen else think Blaze Extreem has a sick ingredients list?

    Only thing that bothers me is it says 3 pills is a dose and 32 doses per bottle but it doesnt say how many to take per day. Does anyoen have any idea how many doses you take? This could be very expensive if its like 3 a day.

  2. I hate how it has a "Proprietary Blend".
    Mainly, It has TTA in it. Everything is pretty standard.

  3. I just bought a bottle of the original Blaze for only $10. Seemed like a great deal...has anyone tried it before and have anything to report?

  4. Mind giving us a hint as to where you got it for $10???

  5. Vitamin World has it 2 for 1 priced at $20. I had heard decent things, so I went ahead and bought two. Is the original version good enough to go back and buy them out, at that price?

  6. I got a sample pack, popped three pills and didn't feel a thing. That doesn't mean that it wasn't doing anything, but I didn't feel any stimulation/excess body heat/energy of any kind.

  7. Thanks Night.

  8. No prob. VW is a good place to check periodically. I picked up a bunch of Dicana nad Stizm there CHEAP, this summer. It was $10 a bottle and BOGO on top of that. Needless to say, I bought all they had.

  9. damn your the reason they were sold out when i got there. lol

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  10. I tried Blaze (1st ver.) after a Dicana cycle last year to recover, and I kept all my fat loss. Really good product for post cycle. That would also apply to thyro-tabs and triac. They both have 100mg of Delta-5-ETM with added ingredients..

    Hope this helps a bit..

  11. Regular Blaze is good stuff.


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