What are YOUR two favorite PRE-workout supps?

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  1. What are YOUR two favorite PRE-workout supps?

    I only want to hear two. You can add in a third but only if you have caffeine as one of them. Lets hear em' .


  2. Would it be safe to assume this is research for a new product?

    All I use right now is BCAA and EAA...I have been thinking about adding a pwo stim though....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80

    Haha I hate being friends with SOME people on here lol.

  4. Well, I just got into it last night on a similar thread - and I linked like 5 or 6 of these "best pre-WO supps" threads.

    Actually, one was started by you!!


  5. I always take BCAA's(Scivation Xtend) before my workout and I also like to drink a Monster drink before as well.

  6. 60mg of M5AA and 3 servings of Xtend.

  7. Basic Cuts

  8. My thought is the active in Amp.

    I think you guys would have a HUGE interest in that.

  9. N.O. Explode is by far the best supplement ive used with the exception of SD. I works teh first tiem u take it and alls i wanna do is lift.

  10. ECY or ECA

  11. eca and halo

  12. Diesel Fuel stacked with BodyOctane. Nothing better than that.
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  13. Omega Sports Thunder- creatine+ caffeine= nothing better

    Anabolic Xtreme StimulantX: I swear to god its meth though

    White blood+Green bulge: Great for working out before going to the beach during the summer


  14. Green Bulge and Ephedrine.

  15. EC+Alcar+CM

  16. CEE + Banana

  17. Amp+cr2

  18. No-Xplode

  19. Powerfull & Amp Stack... nice..

  20. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    My thought is the active in Amp.

    I think you guys would have a HUGE interest in that.

    That plus a little ECA and i'm good to go.

  21. C2 + Ephedrine
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  22. 3 basic cuts and a serving of body octane (sometimes with orotine).

    I need to get round to trying xceed.
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  23. m5AA and starbucks

  24. Robbie - that reminds me, I tried 2 BC's with 25 mgs. of ephedrine.

    Wow - that is good!!


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