New to boards - looking for a little advice on a good lean mass/fat burn cycle

  1. New to boards - looking for a little advice on a good lean mass/fat burn cycle

    Hello all, my first post, sooo much info to read and sift through! So, if anyone could help me out a bit, maybe point me to a good thread or two on that might help me out, I'd be incredibly grateful. Basically, my question is this -

    I'm 29, 5'10" 218lbs., and I've been lifting off and on for about three years now. Lately, I've gotten a little more serious about my gym habits, and I've been hitting it fairly hard for about three months. I don't take much in the way of supplements (a few grams of glutamine each day, and the occasional protein shake when I feel my protein is lacking). I'm not actively trying to gain any more mass/size, but I want to keep (or continue to add to) the strength I've managed to build up, and I REALLY want to lose about 10-12 pounds of fat and get some shred action going. I've lowered my weight/upped my reps, started to add more cardio (but, god cardio sucks, lifting is sooo much more enjoyable), and gotten stricter about my diet. But, I'm just one of those people who isn't blessed with good genes as far as getting cut (guts and butts run big and bouncy in my family), my metabolism isn't what it used to be, and I'm definitely not above stepping into the pharmaceutical world for a little helping hand...

    I've been reading up over the weekend, and I'm thinking of doing a four-week Megazol cycle (75-100-150-150mg), followed by a four-week p.c.t. with Novedex Xt and/or Vitrix, with all the other non-name brand add-ons (celery seed, hawthorne, saw palmetto and the like), as well as AX Perfect Cycle during the whole thing. Also, on the recommendation of a friend, I'm going to try kicking the workout into high gear with a little Vyo-Tec 17-HD, and possibly N.O.-Xplode (although I've also heard that I should stay away from supps with creatine, as it won't be helpful with me trying to lose my gut?). Basically the plan is to really focus hard for the eight weeks I'm "on-cycle", get where I want to be (about same overall size, somewhat stronger and a lot leaner), then cut back down to maintenance lifting/cardio 2-3 times a week. Am I going about this wrong? Should I be looking at different supps, or perhaps none at all?

    Thanks in advance for any advice, and for having put together such a great site and wealth of knowledge, time to dive back into all those other threads!

  2. Do you really want to start a cycle for 10lbs of fat?
    I bet if you posted your diet, I could help you make a couple of changes that would shift 10lbs in your 8 week cycle time.
    It doesn't take that much work, and some of the creatine supps would help you increase your cardio workout time and resistance.
    500 cal deficit is all you need a day to loose 1lb fat a week.

  3. @ KG.

    Not only hot, but smart

    Reps for you!

  4. IMO i've ran eca + creatine stacks and have lost the weight that I have wanted. Not muscle but fat. I'd wouldn't rule out creatine. Like KG said, why run a cycle just to lose 10lbs. Save money and buy more food instead of running a cycle, post your diet so it can be critiqued, and go from there. But I still wouldn't rule out creatine. With Bulk Cee, I noticed lean gains instead of the bloat gains with reg mono. Save cycling for later.

  5. I was thinking along the same lines, I'm just scared of losing the gains I've already made with my strength. Seems like every time I try to modify my diet to lose the weight, the strength disappears along with it, I get really lethargic and can't do much in the gym, and before I know it I'm back to square one again. I guess I'm just disappointed that I'm getting older! Not recovering as fast as I used to or being able to eat the way I could 8-10 years ago. But it does seem I'm building raw strength and mass much easier than I used to, so I guess there is at least somewhat of a silver lining. Thanks for the advice, I'll try leaving the 100's on the shelf and not ignoring those cute little 35's like I have in the past!

  6. A lot of lethargy can be helped by a correct diet, make sure you are having enough low GI carbs before and after workouts, otherwise your muscles can feel fatigued.
    Try a stimulant supplement before your workouts, and you will feel ready and raring to go.
    I am not telling you to run an EC or ECY stack, but it will increase your energy, help you feel like you could lift more, increase your metabolism, and help you lose fat.
    If you are sensitive to these relatively harsh stimulants there are some ephedra free OTC products that you can buy to give you a boost at the gym.
    Honestly a bit of a diet change will completely restore your energy levels.

  7. Bro - if you are looking to help strength while cutting or just increase strength period - I would STRONGLY (pun intended) suggest trying some of USPLab's Powerfull.

    I don't normally suggest supps willy nilly - but that stuff was just awesome in it's effects on me in the gym.

    Also don't forget the wonder that is green tea.


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