NAC and/or Vit. C post exercise = bad idea

  1. NAC and/or Vit. C post exercise = bad idea

    This article explains that the use of NAC or Vitamin C during immflamatory times, causes them to be pro-oxidents and cause more muscle damage. Very very interesting article.

  2. this is bad news. ive been dosing 1g vitamin before and after training for some time now. maybe ill try taking it at other times of the day. good article, this is the first ive ever heard of this. can anyone argue this?

  3. Interesting.............looks like I'll be dropping the Vit. C immediately after my workouts and do what Hulk said and try taking it at different time later on in the day.

  4. I have seen studies that attempted to correlate viatmin C usage pre workout to fat loss and they did find a positive correlation, but I don't believe it was through any particular pathways. I think this study is much more in depth in that it explains that it has a pro-oxidative effect during high inflammationary periods.

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