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  1. Stimulant X

    Well today I decided to try Stimulant X... I read a lot of great reviews, but am pretty dissapointed with my first day.

    I took 1 cap at 9:30am, from about 10:15am-Noon, I had a GREAT rush of very clean energy and euphoria.

    Its now 12:40 (still noon, NOT midnight), and the effect is completely gone, and I actually feel slightly "crashed." Not a hard crash, like after ephedra, but crashed nonetheless.

    I've been reading about ALL-DAY clean energy, and people having insomnia... yet I only noticed about 2 hours worth of effect.

    Also, I have been stimulant free for a good couple months now, which makes this even more disheartening.

    I'll give it another shot tomorrow, maybe with 2 caps.

    Anyone else have a similar experience? Or am I just some kind of non-responder freak.

    EDIT: Also I just wanted to mention, that the 2 hours it was working for, felt really great. When I say I had a great rush clean energy and euphoria, I wasn't exaggerating. I'm mostly dissapointed in the crash, and the short-lived effect.

  2. Did you have it with food or on an empty stomach?

    To prolong the effect you may want to try dosing it with an antioxidant, such as Krala or something like NOxidant or Vigor

  3. Hey Tom... I have tried Venom, Venom 3.0, and Amp... this stuff worked like a week really good for me took 2 days off every 3 days on, but after a week and a half.. it seems my tolerance for this is way up.. I don't even buy it anymore.. have not tried Stim-X yet though.. might give that a shot..

  4. I did have it on a completely full stomache, because I figured it would be very powerful, and that it might help me ease into it...

    tomorrow I'll give it another go on empty.

  5. take it with ur multivitamin like a half hour before breakfast, see how that works



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