What's the best supps. for a low budget

  1. What's the best supps. for a low budget

    I love working out. and would like to take some supplements. But a this point i can only afford to spend about 100 dollar a month on supps. could someone please tell me the best and most important ones i need to get. Thanks

  2. Is your diet straight? How much protien are you taking in, Fat, Carbs, what are your goals? Supplements aren't going to be effective until you dial in your diet.

  3. I weigh 155lb i get between 170-190g of protein, about 2500 cal. i would like bulk up right now not really worried about cutting up.

  4. How old are you and why are you turning to supplements? What are you hoping the supplements to do for you? How tall are you? More details please.

  5. I'm 24 I have never been more than 155 no matter what i tried I'm 5'9" I want the supps. to add some bulk to me. I'm not really sure what my bf is but i know it isn't high. I seem to be getting stronger but not any bigger if you understand that.

  6. My advise to you, is to eat more. Dont waste your money on supps. They arent going to do anything if your not eating enough. I would increase the amount of total calories you are cosuming per day. There is no magic supp thats gonna make you gain weight.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bt2130
    I'm 24 I have never been more than 155 no matter what i tried I'm 5'9" I want the supps. to add some bulk to me. I'm not really sure what my bf is but i know it isn't high. I seem to be getting stronger but not any bigger if you understand that.
    it sounds like a ****head response, but if you are eating over your maintenance calories, then you will gain weight--whether it will be muscle or fat.

    If you are not gaining weight then there is a problem with your diet, not your supplement stash.

    check out the BMR calculator I uploaded to see how much you need to be eating. Good luck!

  8. I have dealt with a lot of guys like you that say they can not gain weight. The first thing you need to do is start a diet log, write down everything you eat and add up the cals and macros. Once you see how much you typically eat it will give you a base line for increasing, use the BMR calculator and compare the numbers, Try eating for your goal weight plus10 so if you want to be 175lbs eat for a 185lber, if you still don't gain, eat more. If you feel like your gaining to much fat go back (doubt that will happen). If you are dedicated to eating, and it will be hard, you will see results both on the scale and in the gym. Really you'll probably want to start at around 3000cals, and I would not do low carbs.

    99% of the time I ask how much do you eat, answer-a lot, reality they are barely hanging on to what they have. Log, Log, Log!!!

  9. Where the BMR caculator? Thank yall

  10. Completely agree with all that is said. If you REALLY want to put on weight, weight 2.5 months, spend $250 and get bobo's deluxe muscle building plan. I have never seen anyone say anything bad about it and they ALL gain weight with just a good diet and training. I signed up this week and am starting in two weeks. Ive realized supps are a waste without a GOOD diet. Spare your $1,200 you would waste a year on supplements that wont work without your diet being better. Most do not realize how bad their diet is. I thought I had an average diet before, but have come to realize it was less than idea and choose to sign up with bobo. Spend the money well on what you KNOW will work.

  11. I completely agree with the above posts. Once your diet is solid, then you can SUPPLEMENT it with some of the basics. $100/month is a pretty decent amount to spend. You can probably get away cheaper if you just stick to the stuff that works.

    Here are some staple supps:
    CEE - I prefer bulk powder mixed with bulk Taurine powder.
    Protein - Get a good whey protein (if you dont already have one). This is the most important supp. ON's Whey is a great value.
    Multi-Vitamin - Should already be taking this..
    Fish Oil - Cheap and effective. Promotes fatloss and has antioxidant properties.

  12. as stated above - the first worthy investement would be bobo's muscle building program - $250 is super cheap compared to the results you will get if followed - better than any supplement out there.

    Second would be EXCELL by www.chemistry-labs.com - basic BCAA's but coupled with a great diet - you'll get additional decent results. Maybe some creatine to accompany it, there are so many forms of creatine now that you'll have to pick, CEE did nothing for me V-12 is awesome for me, go figure.

    diet is the key - training means crap if your diet does not coincide with it. You'll try so many supps looking for that extra edge in the end you'll most likely waste more $$ than bobo's program.


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