Best Way To Take Prostanozol

  1. Best Way To Take Prostanozol

    I'm following basically the same cycle as Ce-Los

    and was wondering what you guys think the best way to take the Prostanozol in week 5 and 6. The pills are 25mg and i'm taking 200mg week 6 (8 pills). What do you guys recommend the best way to take these are? 2 pills every 4 hours? any advice would be great

  2. Sounds fine to me!

  3. The best way to take prostanozol is to space the caps as far apart as possible with 5 grams of soy lecithin per a dose.

    From experience I can say it makes an incredible difference in terms of bioavailability and dosages and there is no need to combine it with a high fat meal because soy lecithin mimics the effect of human bile producing miceles.

    There are referenced articles on the net affirming this with science if you care to search hard enough also.

  4. Towards the end of my cycle (200) 8 pills a day, it started becoming a pain in my ass. I would take 50 (two pills) togethor. I took them first thing when I woke up (6:30) then about every 4 to 5 hours...and when I went to sleep.

    I took my prostan with a shake and a big spoonfull of natty peanut butter....or I would just gulp some milk with the pb.

    Good stuff though, prostan was nice and clean. I will list my stack
    kinda pricey but well worth it imho.

    prostan @ 100,150,175,200
    ax's PCT and Retain
    Green Bulge and White BLood

    I felt absolutley tremendous about 2 to 3 weeks into the pct. Very clean, back/arm acne a little bit and a very mild slow down with my libido at the very end(pct). Almost seemed like the product PCT and retain/gb+wb stack was as or stronger than the zol. I would recommend this stack if you have the money
    4 bottles of zol = 130
    gb + wb = another 100
    pct and retain = 55
    8 weeks of eating like a horse = broke!

    my next cycle after 8 weeks of just my multi vita I will try
    phera plex. Kinda scared though as I hear DMT is a hairline wrecker... I may just go with pct/retain cee stack. I LOVE my hair!

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