ALRI Venom / Venom Hyperdrive

  1. ALRI Venom / Venom Hyperdrive

    I have a bottle of each product and I must say that the Original Venom is a much stronger product in the energy/focus department.

    I have to wake up 5.30 every morning and if/when I take Hyperdrive I will be yawning before 12 am. Original Venom keeps me energized almost till the evening.

    What was the point when they replaced the original Venom with Hyperdrive ?

    (Can`t say anything about fat loss since I haven`t used either of them for very long)

  2. I think the original Venom was felt to be too strongly stimulating/nauseating

  3. They claim the new venom has the exact same ingredients and amounts + 2 added ingredients. So....

  4. just take them both, in fact, this may sound ridiculous, take 1 of the original, and 2 of the hyperdrive.

    i love hyperdrive...

  5. Does any know any place that still sells the original? I am using Hyperdrive now, and want to test the difference for myself.

  6. im sure if you google it. haha


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