1-ad with 4-ad transdermal by dermabolics, first cylce

  1. 1-ad with 4-ad transdermal by dermabolics, first cylce

    Alright guys here's the deal, listen I know this is a long post, but I'm really serious about this stuff, and really would like you guys to take a look at it, even if you cant help me I've done a ton of research and have found some great stuff.

    I've worked out for a year or so with just creatine and protein am 22 and ready to make the next jump. I have purchased a bottle of ergopharms 1-Ad got it in the mail and cant wait to start. I am 5' 11' 200lbs. and am going to shed about 7 pounds of fat or so before I start this cycle But I want to make sure everything is in order first. Here is what I am planning on doing. Any advice would be great as this will be my first time. I cant wait to make huge gains.

    Note I have done about 30 hours of research no joke, all over the internet before making a post, so I've been taking this really seriously and taking notes.

    I will take 1,000mg of milk thistle a day for one week before the start of the cycle, and then stop during cycle and finish off the bottle after cycle. I will also do the same with saw palmetto to be nice to my prostate but am not sure on the dose(mgs)?

    I will start with 2 pills 1-ad a day 100mg each, for a couple days just to let my body adjust, and also 1 spray a day of the 4-dermabolic transdermal (4-ad), here is another area that I am unsure of and it would be great it anyone could give advice, I read very conflicting info regarding the transdermals. Now I am under the impression that because there is 6grams of 4-Ad in the 4-derm bottle that you do the math equation like this 6000mg in the bottle/120 ml (4 fl oz.)=50mg x 2 because 2ml come out in one spray thus, 100mg per day, which correct me if I'm wrong is the equivalent to 300mg of oral 4-ad, so this is why I would start with one spray a day, then move up to two a day and possibly top out at 3. Most likely would only like to go with 2 a day because if my calculation is correct this= 600mg of the oral. I will bump the 1-ad (oral) up gradually to 600 mg a day by the end of the week taking 200 mg is 8 hour intervals throughout the day. I want to bump both up slowly gradually due to the fact taht my body has never experienced prohormone use. On a couple sites I have heard guys saying that they plan on taking 5 sprays of t4-ad spray a day and that only = 200 mgs for the day, so this is very conflicting and would like to know the deal. I will run out of the 4-ad oral quickly once I hit 600mgs a day because I only have one bottle so when it runs out I will use the dermabolics big 1-t transdermal. Okay here goes again please help me on this when I run out of the 4-ad I would immediately begin the 1-t transdermal at 200 mg a day, which would be 2 sprays a day and maintain the two sprays a day with the 4-derm as well. I saw the math that 200mg of transdermal of the dermabolics brand 1-t (2 sprays)=650mg of the oral 1-ad cause the trasndermal is more potent. I would end the cycle after 30 days, and then have approx half a bottle of the 1-T transdermal left, but obviously the 4-ad transdermal and the 1-ad oral would be gone

    During all of this I will be taking a multivitamin and 300 grams of whey protein a day. Heard that when on a stack like this you want 1.5 grams of protein a day for every pound you weigh because you body will thrive on the extra protein.

    I knowt that 1-Ad can convert to DHT through an unknown pathway. Although I dont have the genetic hairloss gene on my mothes side I want to play it safe to keep all side to minimum. I found a great post on a very reputable site that lanoline is a wax that is found wool of sheep and has great natural benefits on healthy hair. It is said that the old shepards had amazingly healthy hair from all the contact wtih the sheep and that the lanoline was the cause, so I will buy lanoline shampoo and condictioner that I found after a good amout of searching at lanocreme.com they are 10 bucks each. The most repuatble body buliding site refered to lanoline as the best natural way to fight even the smallest amounts of hairloss from prohormone use. the shampoo and conditioner are 10 bucks each, not bad

    PCT: plan on taking 600 mgs of 6-oxo broken up 3 times (every 8 hours at 200mgs every 8 hours), also read on the most reputable body building site, I believe it was posted by big cat, that right after you come off the prohormones it helps to shock your endocrine system by taking ice cold showers, so I will do this as well

  2. Dude, I hate to break it to you, but there are some serious flaws in your plan.

    1st: 1 spray of Dermabolics 4AD is about 40mg. 5 sprays=200mg. you should gather this from looking at the bottle. 400mg/day is a decent dose. At this rate, your 4AD will last 15 days. You can try dosing a little lower to stretch it out a bit, but you're not going to get more than 20 days out of it. Even that is stretching it.

    2nd: 1AD converts to 1Test. I've never used 1Test, but it is supposed to be quite androgenic, so you probably don't want to double up on these compounds on your first cycle. When the 4derm runs out, you may have to deal with a limp noodle. It depends on the individual. i think some people have said 1AD/1Test boosted their libido. Some definitely lose it.

    3rd: If the most reputable site on the net is Bodybuilding.com I'm gonna piss my pants laughing and my wife will kick my ass for staining the couch.

    4th: Big Cat is a smart guy but much of his advice is questionable. I've read his info on lanoline, but never bothered to follow up b/c he said the lanoline will stain your pillows. Plus, you can just get spiro from a board sponsor. It will be much more effective. If you don't have a family history of hair loss, you probably have nothing to worry about. You might be fine with just Nizoral shampoo. Search for hair loss prevention and you'll come to a thread by Big Vrunga with a link to a place to buy Nizoral 2%. Make sure you check the dates on those articles, b/c this industry moves very quickly. Which leads to the following...

    5th: 6oxo is obsolete. Rebound XT or Anabolic Xtreme PCT are much better options if you must go OTC. You really should have Nolvadex on hand. It is not hard to find. The chemical name is tamoxifen citrate.

    6th: Don't get all your protein from powder, and certainly not whey. Just use it pre/post workout. Focus on cottage cheese, fish, chicken, beef, human, etc.

    7th: You don't need Milk Thistle b/c you're not using any methyls

    8th: I believe you that you have done a lot of reading, but you need to do more. This stuff is all pretty elementary. I spent at least 1 year reading before I took anything. Your research should encompass more than just PH reading. Diet and training are essential to a successful cycle, and even more importantly, to successful retention.

  3. Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it

    so with the dermabolics 4-Ad if I use 400mg a day, that is the equivalent to 1200 of the oral right, dont you think tha is a little high? Especially since I'm new to it? I dont want to get gyno. Also I've read that the 1-Ad/4-ad stack is great for a beginner stack even here on the web site...not criticized just wondering what your thoughts were cause your obviously much more knowledgable and experienced than me. Also I couldnt look on the bottle of 4-ad dermal because I dont have it yet. but if it will only last me 15 days then I will have to go with two bottles. Also can I get the rebound XT or anabolic extreme pct from an online supplement store or are these banned. Thanks for the info on the shampoo I'll prob do that instead, with the lanoline shampo that I was talking about you wont stain your pillows, that's only if you put the lano wax or oil direct in your hair I think. Its on lanocreme.com, dont know how effective it would be tho. If not whey protein that what would you suggest.

    Thanks man

  4. I have the 1-ad and I heard that using it alone sucks with the lethargy and loss of libido, so I heard that the 4-ad goes quite nicely with this for a beginner stack, maybe going at a lower dose, say 300mg a day of the 1-ad and 300mg a day of the 4-ad, from the research I've done the sides when on both of them dont seen to be too bad, I've never had acne not even in high school, so I dont think that will be a problem hopefully, let me knwo why you think the stack together for a first cycle is a bad idea.

    Okay thanks man

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gettin' big
    Also can I get the rebound XT or anabolic extreme pct from an online supplement store or are these banned.
    They are both legal and can be purchased from AM board sponsors.



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