Primodrol By Dma

  1. Primodrol By Dma

    Has anyone Tried this Product. What Class does it fall in as far as a supplament.

    And If anyone has tried it Is it worth it and Any side Effect or protection needed to utilize this product.

  2. I havent heard of it but judging by the name, its probably a superdrol clone. Give us more info so we can help.

  3. Its supposedly put out by DYnamic Nutrition Alternatives(DNA), prolly just a clone

  4. ALR and Bruce Kneller were kicking around the idea of a primo-like compound. Could be...

  5. I am trying to Find out if it has any Negative Side Effect. The guy at the health store Advised it was as close to Methyl -1 4ad Test out there. I took that when it was on the market and am trying to find a product that is a close to the real deal as possible without all of the Negatives it had.

    I assume it is a Natural Test Booster. it contains

    3B, 17B-Dihydroxy-5 androstane
    Cant really find anything on the web with the Chemical name or Product Name.



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