upcomming purchase

  1. upcomming purchase

    okay so i've been taking CL Green Bulge, White Blood and Glycer Grow...awsome products...

    i'm thinking of getting them again, plus some Purple Wrath...

    can u guys recommend a good natural test booster or something else to help with muscle growth that is not hormonal (due to the fact I just came off PCT and I want my body to recovery)

    I was thinking Blue Rhino (also by CL) but I saw a few posts saying it would only help with libido and wouldn't really help muslce building much...

    also what about sesamin...?

  2. The NHA stack might be what you're looking for, it consists of Rebound XT and Activate, just be careful with RXT, it can really damage your libido

  3. okay...yeah my libido is JUST NOW starting to recover...

    n e one else...?

  4. Activate or Powerfull would be good choices.

  5. can Activate cause gyno...?



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