over the winter i haven't gained as much weight as i wanted, partly due to not being able to train legs because of a knee injury. but i put on some fat while trying to bulk, everytime i look in the mirror its like everything is flabby, definetly not a good feeling. So im looking to get something that will help reduce the fat but not dehydrate me to where ill be cramping, ( i've been prone to getting extremely painful cramps). i just need something that wil help shed a little fat, but not too much muscle, im not really looking for a stimulant. i've done some research on sesamin, and x factor, x-factor looks really appealing considering there are claims that people lose fat while gaining a lil lbm. but would this dehydrate me at all? well ne ways im just lookin for people experience and possible recommendation..
peace choochoo

oo by the way, has there been any cases of getting Gyno on this because im trying to lose a little flab that is on my chest so i dont have ***** tits, at first sign i thought it was gyno, but now i think its just fat deposits on my chest