4-AD-Max LMG stack

  1. 4-AD-Max LMG stack

    Ok I have a question about a stack that I was asked about.I was wondering what a 4-AD,Max LMG look like as far as gains.If it is possible that is.If the diet is in check and the exercise program is good what kinds of gains could one expect?Would be a bulking stack or cutting stack?And lastly what kind of PCT. should you run?Thanks for any info on this...

  2. Bump..does anyone know anything about this stack?

  3. never tried max lmg. But I have tried ergomax lmg along with 4ad transdermal for a bulker. Very good strength/mass gains. Nolva, t-drive(ATD), perfect cycle liver support and milk thistle for PCT

  4. looks like a good bulking stack.



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