How did this cycle look for a body recomp

  1. How did this cycle look for a body recomp

    ok so im trying to do a slight body recomp, lose some fat, gain some mucsle...before beach season starts...
    Diet: about 200 cals under maintance
    Training: 5 days of lifting a week, mix of heavy weight/low reps and medium weight/higher reps
    Cardio: 4 days a week...3 of sprints for 20 min and 1 day of steady state for about 40 min

    Supps: Exceed 1 dose pre and post workout
    Lean extreme: 2 caps per day
    Basic Cuts: 2 caps twice a day
    Fuze: 4 caps per day
    plus fish oil, green tea extract and Bcaa pills

    How does that stack look? any ideas or suggestions? Also have som rebound on hand, could throw that in too...just not sure where/when....and libido issues have me worried

    Thanx guys

  2. I hink you would overtrain quite quickly doing 5 days of lifting with 3 days of sprints but if you have done that in the past and you survived ok then it could be quite effective as long as you watch out that you don't get any excess muscle loss. Though only 200kcals under maintenance should be a small enough deficit to prevent the catabolism.

    Imo if you want the most effective natural recomp you can get as long as you are under 15% then go for the Ultimate Diet 2 ( It requires a fair amount of effort but considering you are willing to lift 5x and do cardio 4x/week then I think you would see really great results with it. Many people have reported large decreases in fat with concomitant moderate muscle gain.

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