Suggestions on recovery supps

  1. Wink Suggestions on recovery supps

    Hello everyone Ive been lurking for a while and just wanted to get some feedback from you all.Right now due to circumstances beyond my control Im on a limited supp budget and Im also running on limited sleep.Besides the staples(whey,creatine,multi,EF A's)what are your suggestions that will give the bang for my buck to help recovery in a sleep deprived state.I know TEST is best but thats not an option.Thanks


  2. Thanks KnowBull I have heard that 500mg x 2 a day has a very possitive effect on mitochondria and also on cell nutrient uptake.As catabolism is my concern I also wonder what is a good suggestion for getting a more restful sleep.I used 5HTP but it did very little if anything for me.

  3. R-ala, BCAA/EAA. Personally since supplementing with Scivation xtend and substance WPI during my workouts my recovery has been through the roof. You could also try ergophram all in one, or bulk BCAA/EAA as well.

  4. Citrulline malate, 3gr twice a day, once 30 minutes pre-workout.

  5. Bcaa

  6. I like taking 250mg of K-R-ALA after workouts with my whey and dextrose. I also take 3mg of CEE, 500mg of Vit-C.

    Since the K-R-ALA is more expensive, I only use this after workouts. I use regular R-ALA with larger meals.



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