question about halodrol/megazol dosing???

  1. question about halodrol/megazol dosing???

    ive been taking my halodrol and 3 megazol along with my support supplements first thing in the morning with a shake there any need to space dosing out......thanks for the help

  2. well as for the H-50 that is fine, but to take the Mega at one time, it is not methylated, nor active for very long, so I would def space it over the day, I currently take 200mgs spaced like this:
    1.50mgsPreworkout with Iso shake and cla, and sesamin.
    2. 50mgs with first whole meal (breakfast ususally)
    3. 25mgs with early lunch
    4. 25mgs with late lunch
    5.50mgs with dinner or before bed all with cla and sesamin.

    So far so good pumps are unbelievable

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