Test-9 Meth

  1. Question Test-9 Meth

    My first post all...thx in advance for any tips and advice.

    Has anyone used Test-9 Meth made by Inner Armour? I have used 1 bottle of this product with some fantastic results....

    I would be interested in hearing what you guys experienced using this product as well as any good combination stacks to go with it.

    Thx again and God Bless.

  2. creatine ethyl-ester (CEE) some casein whey before bed, more food, good BCAA's. how serious were u talking about getting, age/stats, experience, etc?

  3. Thx for the reply Ralph,

    I am 31, have been training since 19 without any "pharmaceutical assistance" at all. Go about 5'11 230lbs below 12% bodyfat. The Test-9 Meth really increased my appretite like crazy and I felt my jaw clinching quite a bit LOL.

    I did feel some impressive pumps and got very aggressive in the gym...recovery from the workouts was great. Strength levels increased....sorry this is all general I didnt think to log any specific stats/numbers.

    I am also wondering if there is anything I can take that can refresh those receptor sites so that they stay active as possible.

    Thx again.


  4. Your either a rep for this company or your not off to a good start.

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