white blood

  1. white blood

    is white blood good

  2. I have a bottle. Not sure if I would buy it. I did a test of it. I don't run NO products anymore.

  3. It is good for pumps- my favorite that ive used. Must take on empty stomach like a lot of others or the results wont be very good. But for muscle growth you could prob. spend your money on better stuff instead of pump/NO products.


  4. like soma said, its good for pumps, im not a big fan of NO products though, i did a "cycle" of the GB/WB stack and it was decent. worth giving it a shot if your gonna use an NO product.

  5. i waz going to go with no-xplode but this one waz cheaper i think im going to buy it thanks

  6. i tried it a little while ago, it was the first NO product i tried that actually did something for me, i had ridiculous pumps during my workout and for bit after it.

    i used GB + WB, i had to change my workout because i usually work bi's + tri's during the same workout, but i had to change back to doing tri's with chest and bi's with back because it felt weird when my arms would be really pumped and id try to keep going with my workout but doing some arm exercises (pressdowns, overhead extensions, preacher curls) it felt like it was limiting my ROM on those exercises.

    it felt great, id buy more but im not out of GB yet, i ran out of WB prematurely because a few of my caps (i counted 10) were broken (and 1 was broken and the stuff hadnt leaked out, but when i took it it tasted disgusting due to the hole in the cap) so i ran out earlier than i thought i would.

    i got a 10% off coupon from bodybuilding.com forums, so that had a bit to do with my choosing it over other products, + everyone was always talking it up so i gave it a shot.

    stacking them both was great, i couldnt afford ANY supplements for a long time and it completely messed up my workout, where i would have to wait a day or two after a workout i was able to get a workout in every day, taking mon + tues off, i attribute this mostly to GB though.

  7. Controlled labs is way overrated. I've tried their products and they all blew imo. I do not prefer using a capsulated NO product because of the delay of digestion due to the disintegration of the capsule, same with capsulated creatine (I'm probably wrong and it doesn't have any effect on release). However, the white blood gave me a pump about equal to what I used to get off of Nitrous aka there but not that great. I mean if you can get 10% off do it, otherwise save your money and buy some Xtend or something a lot more useful.

  8. Note: 80% of the people that post on the bb.com forums are nuthugging wimps who probably don't weigh a buck 60 soaking wet and don't actually lift what they say. Ever notice how everyone over there is always on the same bandwagon at once? Then the new one comes along and they jump onto it too. I stopped posting there when I would read logs of people doing these crazy recomps and losing like 5% bf, and then not looking any different in their after pictures and realizing they were probably full of **** all along. Hence why I only frequent AM now.

  9. yeah i think everyone can agree on the quality of people / opinions on that board, but it goes both ways, there are people who hate on a product because of its popularity just as there are people who jump on the bandwagon when a product gets popular.

    im just saying, i paid for mine, i dont give an honest **** about controlled labs, and it worked for me fairly well.

    while i dont doubt there are equal products out there, or even some better, ive tried Nitrix and got nothing, same with regular creatine, but GB + WB worked well, giving me a great pump and the quick recovery i like.

    i mean, there ARE people out there who make honest reviews of things, but there are way more who like to post bull**** to inflate their ego, just because they got some product for free.

  10. Ya, like I said it worked ok, but in my opinion something like Xtend would be better for that same amount of money. If you have the money, go for it, if you don't there are other things you can buy.


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