ECA and drug test

  1. ECA and drug test

    Hey Guys,

    I have to do a drug test in a month or so for a new job. How long before the exam do I need to stop taking ECA. I really don't want a false positive! Thanks

  2. Depending on the test you could pass with ephedrine in your system. High levels of ephedrine can result in false positives for amphetamines in some tests. If that does happen some labs will, for a cost, do further, more extensive testing methods, to confirm amphetamines or not. I believe 72 hours should be enough for ephedrine to clear your system completely. If it is important to you then you should do what is needed to pass.

  3. b5150 is right on. although I have seen some charts that show amph. sticking around up to 5 days. probably depends on how much you overdose on it.

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