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    whats goin on guys. Ive been trying to research this for a while now, ive asked numerious people, teachers, and checked websites, but havnt gotten a straight answer, maybe you guys could help me. We all know collagen, body doesnt absorb it, used for a texture filler in bars bla bla bla. What i was wondering, is since collagen is mostly made up of left over meat and guts and hooves(hydrolized gelatin) etc. Well what i was thinking, since hot dogs, links, and sausages are made of the same product and same recourses, is this meat considered collagen ?... they both come from the same source, so would your body absorb the protein found in these meat products ? This question is simply out of curiousity - of course i dont eat these things, and since it has yet to be answered, im determined to find out. Lemme know what you guys think. peace.

  2. I remember you asking me this in the chat room and this is one of the better questions I have come across and I actually did a bit of research for you and to summerize the articles basically said it depends upon the brand of meat you get. I would personally avoid all sausages, I dont see how anything good can come from this, and hot dogs as well. I would assume that more popular brans claiming to "be all natural" are probably legit to those who wish to consume them. I have actually seen, now that you bring it to my attention, labels on hot dogs (Ballpark, etc.) that actually claim to be "collagen" free. Whether this is true or not, we'll never know, I guess you have to assume it like you do you supplements, there are regulations by the FDA, but theres always loop holes. I know from my days in nutrition class and my own studies that the primary amino acid in collagen is Proline. The body doesnt make Proline. Proline is a binding protein, hence connective tissue (no good for the body) the only Proline benefit I believe is aid in tissue repair, only in burn cases, etc. Traumatic tissue repair.
    Hope this sheds a bit of light......YJ

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