Stimulant-free fat loss? Help!

  1. Stimulant-free fat loss? Help!


    Can anyone recommend a fat-loss product with minimal stimulant effects for someone who is incredibly sensitive to caffeine, etc.?

    I recently ordered and tried SuperCuts3 by Universal, specifically because it was advertised as "stimulant-free" - which it definitely is NOT, as I found out when one tablet (half the recommended dose) sent me into serious, horrifying orbit. Amazing as it sounds, I'm actually still messed up from that experience, a couple of days later.

    I'd really greatly appreciate any thoughts on what I might try. After basically not moving much for five years, my body composition has changed dramatically (i.e. I've become a fat pig), and I really, really need to lean out. But it seems like I can't handle any of the fat-loss products that I've tried.

    Thanks for any suggestions. (And sorry if this isn't the appropriate section for this kind of question.)

  2. If you post your diet and excercise schedule, you could probably get all the advice you need and the losses that you want without any supps.

  3. If you are a "fat pig", don't use anything, just count the calories and use cardio to create a deficit - you should achieve nice fat loss easy enough. When you get lower in fat things will get harder so use the supps then. This is how i would do it if I were in that position again, I'm too quick to jump into supplements, downside is that i have to dedicate great chunks of my week to exercise to loose the last bits of fat due to adaptation.


  4. Sesamin, Melting Point, GTE

  5. Some good non stimulant are Melting Point, Sesamin, LipidFX. A good non stimulant stack would me either Melting Point+Sesamin or LipidFX+Sesamin.

    Remember your diet is most important, supplements have their place when a proper diet is in place, so make sure your diet is in check.

  6. i agree with sesamin with melting point with some camphibolic. should be pretty potent. dicana might do you some good if you can tolerate the sides. i have not tried it but people have had success with it. personally, i wouldnt wanna deal with the lethargy but thats just me.

  7. Dicana had no lethargy for me as I dosed it on the High side, as for some it might not be needed. Sesamin +CLA plus Green tea would be a great fat loss stack IMO. Def keep your diet, lifting, and Cardio in Check...


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