Capsule Question

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    Capsule Question

    Here are a few very simple, yet perplexing questions I have come up with while mentally going over the process of capping a pill with x ingredients...

    I have purchased a MX-50 scale from ebay (.01 g readability) for 90 bucks

    I am looking to buy a capsuler capper... any suggestions?

    I like the capsule machine from since it makes everything so easy, however there is the possibility of buying a cap-em-quick as well, ( or somehwere else?)

    Stupid question I know, but should I buy two or more of these "machines" in different sizes to accomodate different pills? Also, can anyone explain the sizes, whats the difference between say, 0 00 and 1, can you rank them from smallest to largest?

    Also, while I am weighing powder, what should I put the powder on to ensure that I can easily transport it back to the incapsulator, or say bottle for PH homebrews? This may be a bit difficult to understand what I am asking, but essentially, would I just pour the powder onto the scale or put a piece of paper on the scale and then curl it into a funnel in order to pour it into wherever it is going??? Finally, what is a good tool to measure volumes? A large graduated cylinder? If so, where can I get one cheap or should I just steal one from the science lab at school?


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    The capsule machine is a little faster than a cap-m-quick, but if you don't care about that, either one will do. Attached is an image explaining capsule size. As for weighing and transporting powders, I am a fan of the paper method myself hahah. Paper funnels forever Lol.
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    I'm going with the one from kilosports. "1", because 500mg is a easy number to work with. WYD, what size do you use for usnic acid "1"? Just use filler for the 250mg caps?

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